9:00 - 23:00 daily

We deal with a very smart
and beautiful breed – Labradors.

Once we had our first Labrador and since then we have become the breed fans. Our whole life is devoted to our dogs.

Maya Radostnaya,
the leader of the kennel.

A few words about Labradors

Labradors are very sociable. They are ready for everything to be near a man. They are really spacious dogs and that makes them unique. They have wonderful nose, they work in rescue services, they are ideal at duck hunting, and they are good guide-dogs. Labradors like children. But they can never be guard dogs.


“Labradors for me are like a book that is not read yet, the book that I go on reading all my life.
It’s always exciting to be with Labradors, you never feel bored. You always learn something new”.

What is important for us

Most breeders dream of producing a dog that has an ideal exterior. But for ordinary people it’s essential, that the dog should be healthy and the owner should feel comfortable with it.

Our aim is to have sound progeny with good temperament.

Real typical Labrador differs from a shepherd, for instance. It is ready to communicate with any person, even a stranger. Labradors are really sociable. If a Labrador is cowardly or aggressive – this is not a typical behavior. We try to hold our breeding activity to avoid any harm on puppies’ temper. We select dogs that answer our demands in health, confirmation and temper.

We spend much time training our dogs and giving them enough physical exercise.

We take part in international shows. We like to go forward, reach the goals we set to ourselves.

Before selling a puppy we want to see a potential owner, to talk to him. We welcome your whole families to come and understand what kind of dog you need. All puppies are different and each of them is waiting for its special master. We just need to understand which of them is waiting for you.

With best regards,
Maya and Alexander Radostnye

RUSMAIRAS kennel is a mamber of RKF & F.C.I. federations